Abstract Background


"Ronen" System

Swarm capability with mesh communication

Single operator via easy-to-use & simple software

AI-based threat detection - day & night

Terrain dominance

Up to 70 minutes flight time

FS4 land.JPG
"Guardian" System

Pre-planned patrol & triggered missions

Compatible with existing alarm systems

Up to 70 minutes flight time

AI-based threat detection - day & night

Alert sent to command center when detected

Fully autonomous charging station

"David" System

Solution for operational need of high-resolution visual intelligence 

Generic and flexible for various missions

Up to 2 hours flight time with hybrid drone

Smart software

Optimization for Sony A7

Live view and real-time media download

OB computer for processing and algorithmic

Stand-alone network

Mission plan and control via Mission Planner.

Abstract Background


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American drone manufacturer specializing in custom drones (hybrid, hydrogen) and heavy-lift drones.